Nicolas Oueijan - Rohhlver1


Primary Rover Technician Nicolas Oueijan of Los Angeles California would later oversee the Great Martian Experiment as Director of Inter-terrestrial Exploration following his tenure at Harvard's Graduate School of Design. Though his architectural expertise formerly established his prowess as a master of the Earth, his boundless passion later led him towards the shimmer and glint of the stars. He was jettisoned out of orbit following his passing while aboard a solar sail.

What it is about?

Centuries in the future, Rohhlver 1 is sent on a solitary Martian mission in order to investigate the terraforming experiments of the Red Planet. Unknown generations later, Rohhlver 1 reawakens in the ruins of a botched Martian landing, battered and damaged. The atmosphere feels strangely thick here. Unfamiliar sounds rustle in the echoes of this nestled valley. A glowing light awakens. The mission begins!


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