Mari Jo - Island


Mari is currently pursuing a Master in Design Studies in Technology (’19) at Harvard Graduate School of Design. She has practiced architecture in the real world, and now she is immersing herself in studying it for the virtual world. She is interested in storytelling which emerges through the design of spatial experiences in architecture, films, video games, and VR. She is always curious about creating visceral spatial experiences that touch us to the core because when this occurs, she believes, we can grasp an essence of life that stays with us forever.

What it is about?

Island is an open-world video game and virtual reality for exploration and spatial experiences set in an imaginative island. It provides a place to retreat from the reality where players can wander around freely and immerse themselves in a peaceful landscape. Its ultimate goal is to build a future where anyone can inhabit and share stories and experiences emerged in the virtual world inspired by nature.


Making of