Humbi Song + Xiaobi Iris Pan - into the ice: a phantasmagoria 


Humbi Song is a Master in Architecture I ('19) student at the GSD interested in sensory immersions and responsive environments. In her previous life, she was a concert pianist, a social scientist, and briefly, a radio DJ. 

Xiaobi Iris Pan is currently pursuing the Master in Design Studies degree at the GSD with a focus on technology. Her past experience in product and UX design has given her a user centered perspective, and that has empowered her to explore the means and ends of humanizing technology for humanity.

What it is about?

You are lost, an explorer stumbling about the South Pole with nothing but flat ice sheet extending into the horizon. But wait! What is that off in the distance? There is an entrance to an enormous cavern with icicles dripping down to the ground, with a hint of light from its depth.  

Is it real? Or is it a phantasm, a mirage? You think you might be imagining things, but you cannot resist the temptation to enter. There are mushrooms as tall as giraffes and strange fauna that illuminate as you approach. Tendrils of glowing organisms pulsate with light. The ice seems to have a mind of its own, triggering a tumble of ice chunks if you step out of line. You come to a slow realization - the ice has ensnared you as its plaything, and you better get out, fast! 



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