Xinwen Liu, Chaoran Wu,Pojiang Nie : Meatball the Hat


Chaoran Wu:

She is a user experience designer focus on screen-based interaction design including website/app design, service design.  With the software engineering background, she thinks about how to apply the latest technology to people’s everyday life. With the urban design background, she tries to analyze problems in a big picture and  solve problems in a systematic way.

Xinwen Liu

She is a fun yet provocative designer, with strong sense of understanding users and delivery innovative solutions. Her products are not limited to screen based interaction design. Having architecture as background, designing and implementing the interaction with the physical world is my strength too.

Pojiang Nie

He is a second-year graduate student in Harvard GSD majoring in Architecture in Urban Design. With a great passion for user-centered design, he developed skills related to user research, prototype, design iteration, representation.

What it is about?

It is a first person exploration game. The idea is to represent landscape with a new dimension of feeling. You would able to explore the world composed of various food, including vegetable, meat, snack, liquor. Hope you can enjoy wandering in the ice cream mountain, pizza land, broccoli forest. Bon Appetit, Bon voyage. 



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