Guangyu Du - Engram


Guangyu is an architectural designer and digital artist passionate about creating emotional experiences through the hybrid of digital and physical, immersive and responsive environments.  She is currently a MDes Technology student at Harvard GSD.

What it is about?

Born from the resentment of the Slaughter there were Malloc and Memset, who are wishes and desires flying over the memory land. They aspire to fool the Consciousness so as to pass important messages to the Intuition. They and the marginalized memories formed a coalition. Malloc collect the gloomy memories in the deep, while Memset edit and initialize them to become the Dreams. Some Dreams escaped from the census of Consciousness, reached the outsider Intuition, and thus were lucky to go into the re-consolidation process. The newly generated Engram grew larger and larger, at last, they together were a forest above the crystal roots.


Making of